Sujatha Sonti Ph.D. From Lab To Leader | Episode 7

Sujatha Sonti Ph.D. is a Senior Fellow and VP, Pharmaceutical Development, Product Development & Supply at GSK.  She has worked in small biotech and large pharma companies and shares a number of insightful stories in this episode about how she has enhanced leadership skills while developing novel medicines.


Paul Feldman From Lab To Leader | Episode 6

  Paul Feldman is an experienced pharmaceutical researcher who climbed the corporate ladder in big pharma and biotech to successfully lead in the discovery of new medicines.  Paul shares his insights into the importance of having solid data and being persistent in the face of opposition to achieve your goals.


Roberta DeLuca | Episode 5

Roberta DeLuca saw a business opportunity in her field of medical technology and capitalized on this business need. She shares how she combined her excitement of medical lab work with an interest in business to found a successful temporary laboratory personnel company. She highlights the importance of leaders setting clear expectations and holding themselves and their team to these.


Steve Cole | Episode 4

Steve Cole, Ph.D., is a Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) consultant to pharma and biotech clients. His career in pharma helped him to recognize the positive impact making mistakes can have in learning and growth. He also learned the importance of not micro-managing and delegating to others.


Karen Cappello | Episode 3

Karen Cappello is a master level coach (MCC) and shares her story of leading and learning how to interact with engineers in her semiconductor manufacturing company. She shared that for those introverts among us communication is at least if not more than 50% listening to others. So, use that skill and find ways that are comfortable to you to use

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