2020 Review From Lab To Leader | Episode 12

As 2020 draws to a close it marks the end of the first year of the From Lab to Leader podcast.  In this latest episode I share a story that led to creating the podcast and key themes that emerged from the first 11 episodes.  Listen to hear what is planned for the From Lab to Leader podcast in 2021! 

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Kailas Thakker From Lab To Leader | Episode 11

Kailas Thakker Ph.D. is a recognized expert in In Vitro Release Testing for topical dosage forms.  She is a successful entrepreneur founding Analytical Solutions which was rebranded to Tergus Pharma a world known service provider for topical product development.  In this episode Kailas shares her insights into what it takes to be a successful women scientist and business leader.


Craig LeHoullier From Lab To Leader | Episode 10


David Strauss From Lab To Leader | Episode 9

David Strauss is the CEO and founder of SciCord, an electronic laboratory notebook company.  David began his career as an analytical scientist. David created an ELN application which virtually eliminated paper from a world wide pre-clinical organization and was credited with a 30% productivity increase.  In this episode he shares his insights into the importance of leaders having patience, staying positive

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Kathryn Meurs From Lab To Leader | Episode 8

Kathryn Meurs is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate studies at the North Carolina State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Kathryn is a respected and sought out researcher and administrative leader.  In this episode she shares her insights into creating ways for people to grow and develop by participating in peer groups.  She has helped many students

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