Hear stories of technical people
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From Lab to Leader
From Lab to Leader
Hatthaya Arunothayanan From Lab To Leader | Episode 22
  • Hatthaya Arunothayanan  From Lab To Leader | Episode 22

    Hatthaya Arunothayanan From Lab To Leader | Episode 22

    Nov 15, 2021 •

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    Listen to world class leaders as they share their stories about how they transitioned from the lab to being leaders in their field. From Lab to Leader is the podcast highlighting the many ways subject matter experts and individual contributors can successfully transition to becoming great leaders.

    Counter to common beliefs, technically oriented people can and do become great leaders

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    In today’s fast changing and competitive world it’s not enough just to have technical skills to be successful. Whether you’re an individual contributor or leading a team you’ll need to combine technical skills with interpersonal and leadership skills to stay relevant. The From Lab to Leader Podcast highlights stories of people who have successfully done this.

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